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William Keith Funderburk - Physics Instructor

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  • Master of Science - Petroleum Geology - Mississippi State University  
  • Master of Arts - Philosophy - University of Mississippi
  • Bachelor of Arts - Philosophy of Science - University of Mississippi

About Mr. Funderburk

Mr. Funderburk's formal training is in the philosophy of science and the geophysics of petroleum exploration.  Mr. Funderburk earned Bachelor of Arts and Master of Arts degrees in philosophy from the University of Mississippi, where he also studied mathematics, physics and languages.  He earned a Master of Science in Geological Science from Mississippi State University, where his research in petroleum geophysics focused upon techniques of secondary oil recovery using indigenous microflora to modify strata permeabilities within oil reservoirs. 

Mr. Funderburk has taught high school for twenty years, and beginning in 2007 has taught physics at the Mississippi School for Mathematics and Science in Columbus, Mississippi.   He sponsors the MSMS Philosophy Club and the MSMS Strings Club chamber music ensemble.  He enjoys playing in the viola section with regional orchestras when his teaching schedule allows.

Professional Items

  • The Honor Society of ΦΚΦ, lifetime active member
  • 2015 Yale University Educator Recognition Award for Outstanding Dedication to Students
  • State of Mississippi Alternate Route Educator License: English, Mathematics, Physics, General Sciences and AP® Physics endorsements
  • The Royal Conservatory of Music (Toronto): Certificate by examination in Music Theory Rudiments with First Class Honours
  • The Southeastern Microscopy Society, member

Academic Publications

Pierce, Donna, Sarah Radencic, William Funderburk, Darrell Schmitz, Ryan Walker, Brenda Jackson, Lori Bruce, and Karen McNeal. 2014. Initiating New Science Partnerships in Rural Education (INSPIRE): Enhancing scientific communication by bringing STEM research into the classroom. American Geophysical Union Abstracts with Programs [Abstract].

Radencic, Sarah, Kelli Dawkins, Brenda Jackson, Ryan Walker, Darrell Schmitz, Donna Pierce, William Funderburk, and Karen McNeal. 2014. Initiating New Science Partnerships in Rural Education: STEM Graduate Students Bring Current Research into 7th-12th Grade Science Classrooms. American Geophysical Union Abstracts with Programs [Abstract].

Funderburk, William K., Brenda L Kirkland, Darrel W Schmitz, Lewis R. Brown, Mahnas J. Mohammadi-Aragh. William Monroe and Assonman D. Degny, 2014, Quantified results and visualization techniques in oil reservoir permeability modification using in-situ dormant bacteria, Proceedings of the 5th International Symposium of Enzyme & Biocatalysis in Dalian, China, Vol. 5, p.75. [Abstract]

Schmitz, Darrel W.,Lewis R. Brown, F. Leo Lynch (posthumous), Brenda L. Kirkland, Krystal Collins and William Funderburk, Improvement of carbon dioxide sweep efficiency by utilization of Microbial Permeability Profile Modification to reduce the amount of oil bypassed during carbon dioxide flood, Final Report on U.S. Department of Energy Award DEFC2605NT15458 05090806, 17 December 2010.

Funderburk, William K., Brenda L. Kirkland, Lewis R. Brown, Mahnas J. Mohammadi-Aragh and Darrel W. Schmitz, 2010, 3D imaging of micron-scale permeability pathways and biofilm surfaces within sandstone pore networks using CT X-ray, Proceedings of the Southeastern Microscopy Society, Vol. 30, p. 22.[Abstract]

Funderburk, William K., Brenda L. Kirkland and Lewis R. Brown, 2009, Quantifying the fractal topology of micron-scale biofilm surfaces using SEM, Proceedings of the Southeastern Microscopy Society, Vol. 29, p. 15. [Abstract]

Funderburk, William K., Brenda L. Kirkland, F. Leo Lynch, Darrel W. Schmitz and Lewis R. Brown, 2007, Fractal analysis of the effect of bacterial mucilage on porosity and permeability in sandstone, Geological Society of America Abstracts with Programs, Vol.39, No.6, p. 633. [Abstract]

Funderburk, William K., Lewis R. Brown, Brenda L. Kirkland and F. Leo Lynch, 2007, SEM and Microbial Permeability Profile Modification of oil-bearing sandstones, Proceedings of the Southeastern Microscopy Society, Vol. 27, p.20.

Funderburk, William, 2006, Free trade, in American Conservatism: An Encyclopedia. Ed. Bruce Frohnen. Wilmington, ISI Books.



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