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Math Art - High School Summer Camp 2017

By: Mykailla Foster, Andie Nanney, and Madison Meeks

The Math Art class at the Mississippi School for Mathematics and Science Enrichment Camp engages campers by teaching them about the math behind famous works of art.

The class is taught by the school’s very own, Lauren Zarandona. The students sharpen their math skills while also broadening their artistic views. The students, within two days, have worked on tessellations, symmetry, and recognizing math in the art around them.

“Hopefully, it will make them see not just the value of learning, but also that it can be fun and enjoyable and maybe draw them to MSMS because it’s very cool,” says Ella Stone, one of the camp counsellors.

While sometimes frustrating, the campers get challenged in ways they do not expect in this class. For more information about this class--or the camp--please visit