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Palate to Palette: A MSMS Alum Documents Mississippi


By Mariat Thankachan

MSMS alumni dissipate to all corners of the nation after graduation. They go on to become dancers or doctors, teachers or entrepreneurs or any number of other careers; yet, they are all shaped by their time at MSMS that prepares them to tackle the issues of the world in a creative fashion. One such example of unleashed imagination is portrayed by Anthony Thaxton, member of MSMS Class of 1990. Thaxton is the producer, director and editor of Palate to Palette, a new television series showcased by Mississippi Public Broadcasting.

Palate to Palette features two lively characters - chef Robert St. John and artist Wyatt Waters. These two Mississippi favorites explore every crevice of the state, from the Delta to the Coast, sharing their passions for cooking and painting as they discover new elements of their talents. With every watercolor brushstroke or delectable dish crafted, the duo serves as cheerleaders to highlight and record the sentimental history of Mississippi through canvas paintings and food recipes. Robert St. John and Wyatt Waters have collaboratively published four cookbooks, complete with watercolor illustrations and various dishes inspired by their travels around the world.

Thaxton has been dedicated to the production of the series, harboring interests in film production since his days at MSMS. “I used all the skills I learned in Mr. Jack L. Carter’s Creative Class all those years ago! It’s a fun show. Hope some of you will tune in,” Thaxton exclaimed.

The series premiered on Thursday, Oct. 12 at 7:00 p.m. on Mississippi Public Broadcasting television station. Since then, the artist and the restaurateur have shared their filmed experiences with the cultures and sights of Jackson, Starkville and Biloxi. Each episode appears online at Thursday nights, every one brimming with childhood stories of the two best friends growing up in Mississippi.


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