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MSMS Students Recognized by the Mississippi Scholastic Press Association in the Annual "Best of Mississippi Literary Magazine Awards."

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Congratulations to MSMS students listed below whose poems, short stories, and nonfiction essays won seven of the fifteen writing awards presented by the Mississippi Scholastic Press Association in the “Best of Mississippi Literary Magazine Awards” category.  Additionally, three MSMS students listed below won awards in the art and photography categories. 

All the award-winning pieces appeared in Southern Voices (2017), published last May, which was a finalist in the “Best Literary Magazine Category.”  The awards were announced yesterday at the MSPA annual conference held at the University of Southern Mississippi.

Short Fiction             

  • Aidan Dunkelberg (finalist)

Poem                 Landry Filce, Aidan Dunkelberg, & Aidan Dunkleberg

Nonfiction         Emily Shy, Reagan Poston, & Wrishija Roy

Hand-Drawn Illustration     Britney Casmus & Hannah Houston

Photo      Ariel Williams

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