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What's Happening With the Senior Class Officers?

MSMS Senior Class Officers Assemble.

MSMS Senior Class Officers Assemble.

2016 has been a rough year. And for the 2016-2017 senior class officers this school year has been especially busy. Starting the year off with multiple plans, the class officers - Griffin Emmerson (VP), Andy Zhao (Treasurer), Ariel Williams (Secretary), Maggie Ford (Historian), and Mayukh Datta (President) - have done their best in order to make this year a successful and enjoyable one for the seniors and juniors, equally.

            “The first priority this year,” said Datta, “was finding a graduation speaker, and from the beginning of the year, we drafted multiple letters in order to send to both celebrity and alumni speakers.”

Some of these targeted speakers included John Green and Sal Khan of Khan Academy. Either due to their high speaking fees or their busy schedules, the targeted speakers declined the offer. However, at last, with the help of Mr. Wade Leonard and Mr. Spike Harris, Datta was able to find a commencement speaker: Dr. Cary Gunn, a MSMS alumnus.

            In addition to finding a speaker, the officers have also worked hard on creating a class t-shirt.

“The class t-shirts were a great idea as the design was unique and because the shirts were profitable,” said Griffen Emmerson, who created the design for the shirts.

            Community Service has also been a goal for the officers this year, and they have worked hard on creating service opportunities by getting the students involved in places like Columbus Middle School and Loaves and Fishes.

            What are the Senior Class Officers’ future plans? The officers are working hard on finding a class motto, class song, and a class poem. Ariel Williams and Maggie Ford are planning a video that includes footage from all of the seniors, and the officers are also planning multiple fundraisers in order to raise money for the class. 

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