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Winter Concert 2016 by Mayukh Datta

Click here to watch the MSMS Winter Concert. Video courtesy Dr. Heath Stevens.

One Russian horse rider; some amazing red-nosed singers, a Saint Nicholas, and a special guest appearance by a Russian dancer. That was the atmosphere of the Foreign Language Christmas concert conducted by the students of the Mississippi School for Mathematics and Science. For over five years, the foreign language classes offered in MSMS – Latin, German, French, Spanish, and Russian – have conducted the foreign language Christmas concert in order to celebrate the students’ curiosity and in order to showcase the diversity in MSMS. The show, which was held in Poindexter Hall, featured MSMS students singing Christmas songs in five different languages: French, Spanish, Russian, German, and Latin.  

MSMS foreign language teachers, Mrs. Lori Pierce (French, Latin, and German) and Mrs. Margaret Henry (Spanish and Russian) sponsored the event  

The show began with a four-verse rendition of the Christmas standard Silent Night, and each verse was sung in each of the five different languages taught at MSMS. Then each of the foreign language classes sung their own Christmas song, but despite being sung in a different language, the songs were familiar to the audience.  

In the end, however, the Christmas concert gave the students an opportunity to showcase what they learned in their foreign language classes. Gene Kloss said, “I didn’t know much about taking Latin before I came to MSMS, but coming here and participating in events such as this, definitely got me more excited about Latin.” Additionally, the show was a great enjoyment for the audience as well. Chris Slagell, who was part of the audience, said, “I really enjoyed the character each of the students put into their songs.”  

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