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Disney, Duos, and Dentures by Emily Shy

The week before Halloween, MSMS students are getting into the spirit of the holiday by dressing up for Spirit Week. Monday kicked off the week with Disney Day, which implored students to dress up as their favorite Disney character. Costumes included Boo from Monsters Inc., Violet from The Incredibles, an alien from Toy Story, and the eponymous Mary Poppins. Dynamic Duo day, on Tuesday, was the day that really wow-ed. Many students chose to take a subtle, but effective route of wearing matching t-shirts or similar outfits. However, some students took it even further and dressed up as famous pairs. Blair and Selena from Gossip Girl, Harry and Louis from One Direction, and Dorothy and Toto from The Wizard of Oz. The pair that took the cake, though, were the presidential candidates in this year’s election. Seniors Caroline Smith and Maggie Ford dressed up as Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton, respectively. Ford’s costume included a bright red suit and heels, and both girls had masks lending them almost creepy likeness to the candidates they were impersonating. Ford, along with other senior class officers, were responsible for organizing Spirit Week and encouraging students to dress up.  

Wednesday featured a friendly competition between juniors and seniors, with juniors dressing up as toddlers or babies, and seniors taking the opposite route and dressing up as senior citizens. Thursday will feature another competition, this time between rappers and rockers, and finally on Friday juniors and seniors will compete once again to see who can dress up to showcase the most MSMS spirit.

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