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Southern Voices Arts Competition Announces Winners

From the Vision, the MSMS student newspaper

Fifteen MSMS student artists were recognized for their work in the annual Southern Voices Arts competition on Feb. 24.  Photographs of these winning drawings, paintings, and sculptures will be featured in the Southern Voices literary magazine along with 10 other featured works.

Art instructor Angie Jones announced the winners via email stating, “The caliber of work entered by our students was amazing. Every MSMS artist should be proud of their accomplishments and abilities.”

Best of Show: 

Michelle Li-“Mimi”


First Place

Haydn Schroader- “Hibiscus”

Second Place

Grant Henderson- “Lady Liberty”

Third Place

Zach Hodge- “The Snack that Smiles Back”

Honorable Mention

Ella Stone- “Blossom in the Dark”

Justin Calhoun- “T”


First Place

Dajah Carter- “Sterling Ballerina”

Second Place

Rebecca Chen- “Strawbery Battlefields”

Third Place

Lauren Smith- “Morning Service”

Honorable Mention

Vasu Srevatsan- “Lost”

Emily Waits- “Autumn Wonder”


First Place

West Givens/The Vision

Mary Madeline LaMastus- “Einstein”

Second Place

Dipal Patel- “Waterlilies and Japanese Bridge”

Third Place

Angie Harri- “The Enchanted Rose”

Honorable Mention

Rebecca Chen- “The Prisoner of Azkaban”

Priya Sanipara- “Juliet”

In addition to the winning works, 10 other works by MSMS students will be featured in the magazine published later this semester.

  • Lauryn Smith- “First Sunday”
  • Lauryn Smith- “Fading Beauty”
  • Justin Calhoun- “The Essence of Marble”
  • Haydn Schroader- “Time”
  • Dajah Carter- “Sailboat”
  • Penelope Carreon- “Just a Quarter”
  • Will Pierce- “Die Insect”
  • Dajah Carter- “Frazer”
  • Haydn Schroader- “Drop”
  • Zach Hodge- “Nocturnal Gaze”

The literary magazine will also feature the winning works of the Southern Voices Writing competition which was also open to MSMS students’ submissions.

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