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MSMS Administration Live Streams With Parents

Dr. Germain McConnell addresses parents during the Livestream event in Greenwood.

Dr. Germain McConnell addresses parents during the Livestream event in Greenwood.

MSMS Executive Director Germain McConnell spoke on several topics ranging from a study by the University of Pennsylvania to school advancements during a recent recruiting session in Greenwood.

By Maliah Wilkinson, Staff Writer for the Vision

Also addressing parents attending the session and viewing via live stream was Leonard Wade, coordinator for Alumni and Public Relations.

“The report that was done by the University of Pennsylvania was about African Americans being dispositionally suspended, as in terms of a percentage in schools. We know that this issue is national and not just in the South, and MSMS was highlighted as a top offender,” said McConnell.

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McConnell also discussed the 2015 MSMS Open House on September 22. There will be two sessions; one sessions is in the morning for invited guests and another session in the afternoon is open to the general public. The purpose of the Open House is to “tell businesses more about MSMS, one of the best high schools in the nation, that’s sitting right here in our back yard.”

Other topics discussed were the 2015 room and board fees, report cards, PowerSchool software access, crisis management preparation settings and proper time-management. McConnell admonished parents to “talk to your children” in response to some of the “bad habits” they may have picked up at previous schools. The school has provided an anonymous reporting tool to help students report incidents they don’t necessarily feel comfortable discussing in person or just as a way to seek out help.

School finances were also discussed. Elevators in both dorms, Goen and Frazier, are in the process of restoration, water fountains have been added to the dorms, new calculus books have been purchased, and mobile hot spots have been added to the school buses.

The status of the Engineering Curriculum was also discussed. McConnell stated that, “Jed Legget will be heading the committee and they are having bi-weekly meetings to discuss the curriculum.” By late December of this year, the Engineering Curriculum draft will be continued.

The diversity at MSMS was also discussed with 15% of the schools students being African American, a significant drop from 25-30%. McConnell plans to combat the issue of diversity by identifying areas of  low socioeconomic status and also areas with an increase in African Americans. Wade has been implementing a technique called long range recruiting. This is a technique targeted at students in 7th and 8th grade to peak their interest in the areas of study offered at MSMS.

A question and answers session was also held and the class of 2018 was discussed. The next recruitment session will be held on Dec. 1, 2015 in Bay St. Louis at Waveland Middle School at 5 p.m.  

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