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Welcome to the Brainstorm Blog! The primary news source the Mississippi School for Mathematics and Science (MSMS), Mississippi's only public, residential high school dedicated to the development of the state's most academically gifted students.

Honors Convocation 2015

Vel Anthony Award Winner: Kate Johnson

MSMS Hall of Fame Awards

Coby Anderson, Jacob Crossno, Ben Emmich, Nicholas Ezzell, Shreya Gunapati, Mary Frances Holland, John Johnson, Kate Johnson, Quinn Massengill, Kaval Patel, Matthew Sarpong, and India Yarborough

Spirit of MSMS Awards

Deldrick Adams, Penelope Carreon, Raksha Chatakondi, Kristen Conguista, Hannah Crouch, Tyler Etheridge, Emoree Heiselt, Mary Frances Holland, Joe Houston, Kimya Jamasbi, Laurel Lancaster, Quinn Massengill, Summar McGee, Shawna McKissack, Kaval Patel, Kameron Shook, Tiana Spivey, Kobe Van Sommeren, Flannery Voges-Haupt, Xi Wang, Mariah Warner, and India Yarborough

Leadership Enterprise for a Diverse America (LEDA) Scholars: Jason Necaise and Om Patel

National Youth Science Scholars: Lauren Chatelain and Ben Emmich

STAR Students: Magdalen Dobson, Ben Emmich, Shreya Gunapati, Kate Johnson, Ramya Murali, and Katie Shy

STAR Teachers: Dr. Marlies Bearden, Dr. Scott Curtis, Mrs. Shae Koensigburger, Mr. Jed Leggett, Mrs. Tina Wagner, and Mrs. Lauren Zarandona

Questbridge College Match Awardees: Jacob Crossno and Joseph Scott

National Merit Finalists: Magdalen Dobson, Ben Emmich, Nicholas Ezzell, Abigail Garmon, Kate Johnson, Quinn Massengill, Ramya Murali, and Katie Shy

National Merit Scholars: Kate Johnson, Ashton McAdams, Katie Shy

Abernathy Award: Conor Hultman

Chris Read Award: Conor Hultman

Shellie McKnight Award: Xi Wang

Departmental Awards

Excellence in Mathematics Award: Kaval Patel, Kate Johnson, Katie Shy, and Magdalen Dobson.
Mathematical Leadership: Nicholas Ezzell

Excellence in Biology Award: Kate Johnson and Alexander Denette
Excellence in Chemistry Award: Shreya Gunapati and Tom Pan
Excellence in Computer Science Award: Jordan Prather
Excellence in Physics Award: Ben Emmich and Nicholas Ezzell

Overall Excellence in Science Award: Kaval Patel

Excellence in Research: Austin Drury and Kimberly Robinson

Excellence in Junior English: Joy Carino and Anna Creel
Excellence in Senior English: Quinn Massengill and Katie Shy

Judith Anne Morris Award for Excellence in History: Mariah Warner, Matthew Sarpong, and Zachery Abunemeh

Award for Excellence in German: Joseph Scott
Award for Excellence in French: Austin Drury
Excellence in Latin Award: Mariah Warner
Excellence in Spanish I Award: Gregory Thompson
Excellence in Spanish II Award: Markeisha Pollard
Excellence in Russian I Award: Makayla Raby
Excellence in Russian II Award: Deandra Hawkins
National Russian Scholarships: Kristin Conguista, Mary Frances Holland, and Ayers McCammon
Polyglot Award for Excellence in the Study of Multiple Languages: Jacob Crossno

Senior Director’s Award for Instrumental Performance: Claudia Parker
Senior Director’s Award for Choral Performance: Harper Panter
Rising Senior Blue Not of Distinction: Sasha Edwards
Director’s Award Dramatic Performance: Sasha Edwards

Sculpture Award: Michelle McCullum
Drawing Award: Ella Stone
Painting Award: Hannah Crouch
Renaissance Award: Lauren Chatelain

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