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MSMS Impacts Students' Learning Through Amazing Labs

Part of this year's MSMS Emissary selection process includes students submitting blog content for the MSMS website. The content ranges from informative articles about the school to updates about recent events. For the next several weeks, stories written about MSMS by current MSMS juniors will be posted here. Enjoy!

Written by Jenny Huang of Starkville, Mississippi

Jenny Huang, from Starkville, is a junior at MSMS.

Jenny Huang, from Starkville, is a junior at MSMS.

MSMS offers 28 different science classes in Biology, Chemistry, and Physics, of which 26 of these classes incorporate a lab section. In lab each week, students get to work with real lab instruments. This allows them to apply what they have learned in their classes to real world application. The advanced technologies and equipment at MSMS such as compound light microscopes, lab computers, chemistry beakers, inoculators, and other scientific instruments impact students’ learning in a positive way.

MSMS junior Jenny Huang said, “When I sometimes don’t really know what’s going on in class, I’m able to catch up in lab. By doing lab I actually remember the concepts we learned in class.”

Classes such as Microbiology give students hours to work on their project, like discovering how many microbes are on a doorknob. Students take samples from the knob, place them into a test tube, inoculate the tube, transfer microbes into nutrient agar, inoculate the agar under 37ºC for 24 hours, transfer the substance to different media, and finally, put the substance under a microscope and to determine exactly what the substance is.

AP Physics classes also offer interesting labs. The picture shown below is Jenny Huang, a MSMS junior, doing her physics lab --- “Resonance”. The other picture is taken from the microscope in Microbiology. Fun labs allow MSMS students to enjoy learning.

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