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Interview Day 2015 Recap


On Saturday, March 21, more than 150 students arrived to MSMS to participate in this year’s Interview Day process.

All together, the students represented 54 Mississippi counties, 80 Mississippi towns and cities, and 96 Mississippi high schools.

“I’m excited and a little nervous,” said one student early Saturday morning.

The interview process is the second part of the MSMS student selection process. The students invited to Interview Day were those that made it past the first round of selection- Application Review.

“This is one of the most competitive groups I’ve ever seen,” said MSMS Director for Admissions and School Advancement, Rick Smith. “All the interviewers I’ve spoken to today are very, very impressed with the students with whom they’ve spoken.”

The majority of the 30 interviewers who participated this year were composed of professional educators, MSMS alumni, and the parents of MSMS alumni.

Nearly 200 students, from all corners of the state, completed applications to become students at Mississippi’s only public, residential high school specifically designed to meet the needs of Mississippi’s most academically talented students. Of that group, 164 were offered interviews.

The student selection process will end Thursday, March 26 when the Final Selection Committee meets. This independent committee will review all students and make the final decision as to who will be offered invitations to attend MSMS.

Letters will be sent out the following Friday informing students of their final status as MSMS applicants.

Students who are selected and accept their invitations to attend will become members of the MSMS Class of 2017.

MSMS would like to thank all the volunteer interviewers who gave their time and expertise to this process and congratulate all students who made it to Interview Day.

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