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Meet Ms. Walker! MSMS Countdown to Application 2015 Deadline. Ep. 9

On this episode of our special Countdown to Application Deadline 2015 series, Mr. Wade has a conversation with Ms. Tanya Walker, the Director for Student Affairs at MSMS. Ms. Walker is the administrator at the school who is responsible for everything that is not directly related to academics. That means she's in charge of the residence halls, making sure all our students are well taken care of, and many, many other things. In many ways, Ms. Walker is like the mom of MSMS. In fact, this episode of the series may be especially useful to parents of potential MSMS students as Mr. Wade and Ms. Walker talk about the nuts and bolts of how campus safety and residence life works at the school.

The deadline for application is THIS SATURDAY, February 14, 2015. If you are a current sophomore, you only have a few days left to finish up your work. As always, contact us with any questions you might have. We are already so proud of you all and can't wait to get to meet you!

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