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Traveling Science Carnival 2015

On Friday, Feb. 20, 2015, MSMS performed its second ever Traveling Science Carnival at Riverside Elementary School in Washington County, Mississippi.

More than 50 MSMS student volunteers, staff, and faculty members made the three hour journey from Columbus to Avon, Mississippi where the event took place. More than 300 second and third graders from Riverside and O'Bannon Elementary Schools attended the event.

"The younger students seem really excited about it," said Carnival Organizer Dr. Bill Odom. "I've seen some of them jump up and down with joy."

The Traveling Science Carnival is designed to get younger students excited about science by exposing them to several fun, engaging, and enlightening scientific demonstrations. The demonstrations cover everything from the principles of inertia to the ways animals take advantage of camouflage in the wild.

Last year's first Traveling Science Carnival was held in Morton, Mississippi. This year, Riverside was chosen based partly on the efforts of MSMS junior and Riverside alumnae, Lauren Tice.

"It was determined that the region [we would have the Carnival] would be the Delta, so I wrote a nomination letter," she said.

The Traveling Science Carnival is an iteration of the school's popular Science Carnival project, which has been an MSMS tradition for nearly 20 years.

MSMS wishes to thank Riverside Principal Leigh Ann Reynolds, Riverside Assistant Principal Steve Atkins, O'Bannon Principal James Johnson, and Western Line School District Superintendent Mr. Larry Green. The school also wishes to thank all the teachers, volunteers, and bus drivers who made the event possible. Finally, the school wishes to thank Garfield's of Greenville, who catered the event.

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