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Application Deadline 2015 (Good News!)

Well, it's here. The application deadline for the Class of 2017 is upon us. But since it's Valentines Day, we thought we would throw you you guys a bone. We will not begin the final application processing until 8:00 am Monday (Feb. 16). This means that you technically have until that date and time to get your work submitted to the school. We also understand that some of you are having some trouble getting your recommendations and transcripts to us, and that's okay. We will not penalize students who are in that predicament, and we will work with you for the next couple weeks to help you get those materials to the school and in your file. However, it is ultimately your responsibility that we have all that information before applications are reviewed on Feb. 28. Below, you will find a bulleted list of everything you need to know over the next couple days. Good luck, happy Valentines Day, and we are so proud of you.

Rick Smith
Director for Admissions and School Advancement
The Mississippi School For Mathematics and Science

  • Please do NOT call the admissions office over the weekend. No one will be here to take your call. You may call the office to check on the status of your application on Monday, Feb. 16 at 1-800-553-6459. Please understand, however, that we will be busy processing applications and may not have all submitted materials processed until late Monday afternoon or Tuesday morning.
  • You need to focus on getting your Applicant Information Page, Declarations of Legal Residence, School Information Page, Resume, Personal Narrative, Work Sample, Work Sample Narrative, and Essays to the admissions office no later than Monday at 8:00 am.
  • We highly recommend that students submit their applications electronically. This is by far the most effective and efficient way to ensure your application materials arrive to MSMS. However, you are welcome to fax your materials to 662-329-8570, email materials to, or mail them to us at 1100 College St. MUW-1627, Columbus, MS 39701. We will only consider mailed materials that are postmarked on or before Feb. 14, 2015.
  • We will NOT penalize students who are missing recommendations or transcript information. We know that some of you are having issues obtaining these materials. We will work with you to get them into your file. Please understand, however, that getting this material to us is ultimately your responsibility.
  • The Application Review process will take place on Feb. 28. We will send out letters the following Monday that will let you know whether you have made it to the next stage of the process (Interview Day). We will not release information concerning the status of your application over the phone or via email. You must wait on your letter to arrive.
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