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MSMS Alumnae Nominated for Truman Scholarship

Recently, MSMS graduate Florence Otaigbe was featured in the Hattiesburg American due to the fact that she has been nominated to win the prestigious Harry S. Truman scholarship. Otaigbe, who graduated from MSMS in 2012, is originally from Hattiesburg, Mississippi and attended Oak Grove High School before MSMS. She currently attends the University of Michigan where she is majoring in international relations.

The Harry S. Truman scholarship is awarded to college juniors who exhibit exceptional leadership abilities. The scholarship supports awardees through graduate school, and offers a number of opportunities to engage in public sector, service based work.

According to the Truman Foundation's website: "It is in this environment that the Truman Scholarship Foundation, initially only a source of scholarship support, today nurtures, supports and sustains the ideals and ambitions of young leaders. Along with providing scholarships for graduate school, we operate a week-long program for each new class of Truman Scholars that builds community among them and ensures deep mentoring from more seasoned Scholars. We also bring Truman Scholars to Washington, DC, for anywhere from three months to two years—after college but before graduate school—and place them in positions with the federal government or with nationally focused nonprofit organizations."

MSMS wishes to extend congratulations to Florence, and wishes her the best of luck in pursuing this high honor.

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