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Meet Shreya! MSMS Countdown to Application 2015. Ep. 12

On today's episode, we are talking to a truly remarkable young lady, Shreya, of Brandon, Mississippi. Not only is she gifted in the classroom, she is also an award-winning visual artist. This proves yet again that MSMS gives you the room and the tools to stretch your intellectual capacity as far as it will go.

It's time to get serious, folks. The application deadline is nearly upon us, which means you have only a couple days more to get your work finished and submitted. If you are still unsure as to whether MSMS is right for you or not, we encourage you to finish your application regardless. This is, afterall, the only chance you get at getting a spot at MSMS. Every year we hear from students who regretted not getting their applications in by the deadline, and every year we have to tell the students that they waited too late. Don't be one of those students. Don't let this incredible opportunity pass you by. If you apply, are accepted, and later decide you don't want to go to the school THAT'S OKAY! But if you don't apply, you will never get a chance to make that decision.


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