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An Excerpt From Lamees El-Sadek's Article About William Winter

Former Mississippi Governor William Winter and MSMS grad Lamees El-sadek.

Former Mississippi Governor William Winter and MSMS grad Lamees El-sadek.

The following is excerpted from Lamees El-sadek's Huffington Post piece, "Conversations with William Winter: on Education, Racism, Millennials' Obligation to Social Justice, and Mississippi's Place in America. You can read the whole article here. Lamees, an MSMS graduate, was able to spend a great amount of time with former Mississippi Governor William Winter. Winter served as governor of Mississippi in the early 1980s.

In the piece, Lamees and Governor Winter cover a variety of topics, but spend some time talking about the Mississippi School for Mathematics and Science. The following excerpt is included with Lamees' permission.

MSMS is extremely near and dear to my heart. Right up there near the value I give to my faith and family. I know you didn't sign that bill, but it was your idea. I could write you a book full of stories of the number of people I know whose lives are forever changed because of MSMS. It's an exemplary school, period, but it's even more life changing for students who live in communities with poor school systems, who don't have the funds to enroll in a private alternative.

That just makes me so delighted to hear. That I was able to contribute to something so remarkable for the state of Mississippi. I'm proud of that. And all those students with that great education, coming back home to contribute to their home state in some way, that just makes me so happy. MSMS sets the standard for the rest of our schools, to aspire to its level of excellence.

One lesson I take from your involvement with MSMS's creation is the importance of going out there and learning about what's going on in other communities and bringing the ideas back to the people. Because that's what started MSMS.

Yes, exactly. You plant these little seeds out there and hope that some of them will sprout.

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