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MSMS World Language Christmas Concert

From the recent World Language Christmas Concert. Photo courtesy Dr. Heath Stevens.

From the recent World Language Christmas Concert. Photo courtesy Dr. Heath Stevens.

On Wednesday, December 10, the MSMS Foreign Language department performed their fifth annual World Language Christmas Concert.

The show, which was held in Poindexter Hall on the campus of the Mississippi University for Women, featured MSMS students singing Christmas songs in several different languages. The languages included French, German, Spanish, Latin, and Russian.

MSMS foreign language faculty members Lori Pierce (French, German, and Latin) and Mary Margaret Henry (Spanish and Russian) sponsored the concert.

“Learning these songs teaches cultural appreciation and is a great way to teach pronunciation,” said Pierce. “The performance is our way of sharing both kinds of learning with MSMS and the broader community.”

The show began with a four-verse rendition of the Christmas standard Silent Night. Each verse was sung in a different language, German, French, Spanish, and Latin respectively.

The show then featured singers from each of the five foreign languages taught at MSMS. Despite being sung in different languages, many of the songs were familiar to English speaking audiences, but some of the selections were specific to the cultures from which they sprang.

The MSMS Strings Club was also able to get in on the act. The group provided introductory music and accompanied some of the concert’s vocalists.

MSMS would like to thank to thank the MUW Department of Music for hosting the event.

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