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Deck the Dorms With Boughs of Holly

Photo by Michelle Li

Photo by Michelle Li

By Michelle Li, MSMS Vision Staff Member

It’s that time of year again! The halls of the MSMS dorms are beginning to look a lot like Christmas. In Goen lobby, an ornament-filled Christmas tree illuminates the entire room and multicolored lights hang from the walls. In preparation for the coming holiday, many students have taken things a step farther and decorated their own dorm rooms too.

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Walking down the halls of the dorm, one is almost overwhelmed by the amount of red and and green. Stockings, wreaths and bright red bows decorate almost every door.

Some door decorations are simple like junior Mari Lampkin’s. “I just used some wrapping paper on the door and a couple of paper snowflakes. Nothing too fancy.” she said.

Other doors are almost completely covered with holiday trinkets. Juniors Claudia Vial and Emily Shy give their reason for the abundant decorations, “Stockings and a lit up wreath on the door make coming back to the dorms feel like coming home, and coupled with a ‘Merry Christmas’ garland, we hope to infuse Christmas spirit into everyone who walks by.”

Entering the ornate door, the scene is similar to a December edition of Home Decor. The girls’ dorm room filled with anything even slightly related to Christmas.

Shy continued, “We have a big Christmas tree with lights and ornaments, and a star at the top. We have big red bows placed around the room, colored lights on the walls, and a plethora of candy canes.”  

Vail explained, “We decorated because we knew the next three weeks would be extremely stressful. Looking around in our room, seeing big red bows and twinkling lights, smelling pine scented potpourri and cinnamon, makes our dorm feel like home. Having a decorated room helps ward off homesickness, because growing up, Christmas was always a time where the whole family came together. Having a festive room makes it home away from home, and encourages celebration and happiness despite all the craziness that is going on at school.”

Senior Liz Lanford shared similar aspirations for decorating her dorm room, “It’s just super relaxing and a distraction from my school work. I love returning from an exhausting day of classes to soft lights strung along my ceiling and a rainbow-colored Christmas tree. It cheers me up and puts me in the holiday spirit instantly.”

Lanford added, “I think the process of decorating is also really rewarding because you get do it with your friends and jam out to corny Christmas music. It’s just a great time!”

The Vision staff is also holding a competition for the room with the best holiday decorations, so send pictures of your decorated room to for a chance to win Christmas Hershey kisses, double-stuffed Oreos and bragging rights!

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