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All Aboard the Winter Express: MSMS Winter Formal 2015

Courtesy Dr. Heath Stevens.

Courtesy Dr. Heath Stevens.

By Joy Carino, MSMS Vision Staff Member

As schoolwork piled up for the end of the semester, MSMS students “blew off steam” on Dec. 3 at the annual Winter Formal dance. This year’s theme was the Winter Express from the childhood favorite movie and train, Polar Express.

This year’s Winter Formal Committee worked hard to ensure everything looked festive and decorative for the dance. Committee Coordinator Katie Stovall, a junior, said the committee “worked super hard to make it the best for y’all. I hope everyone enjoyed it as much as I did.” The decorations were organized by co-coordinators Stovall and Ayana Gordon and members John Wells, Virginia Pressly, Sophia Ali, Carolyn Donovan, Kennedy Lewis, Justin Calhoun, Christina Epps; various parents and Mrs. Jennifer Hodge; and Coach Valeria Scott.

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Senior Madeline Mixon said, “The decorations of hot chocolate made me happy.” Senior Hannah Hardwick loved the chandelier, and she “wanted to swing from it.” While a few noticed a lack of locomotive decorations (due to budget cuts), Mixon said, “We did dance the train for a little while!”

The dance lasted from 9 p.m. to Midnight. While each person has varying tastes and opinions toward the music, each of the songs that were played were sent in by the students. However, Stovall said many songs were cut due to vulgarity since “he was a clean DJ.” Stovall said, “I didn’t know a few songs, but I still made the best of it because I was with my friends and having a good time.” Though a few junior girls were anxious the night before as they asked some seniors how to dance, seniors Vasu Srevatsan and Jenny Bobo assured them that they did not have to look good when dancing as long as they were having fun. Junior Vivian Van was glad the music included “instructional music that gave directions, like the cha-cha slide.” Hardwick felt some nostalgia as a senior, but said that the dance “was a great way to end the first semester of senior year, together with everybody.”

Van has only been to one dance at her old school. So far, Winter Formal was “by far the best because I was surrounded by people I like!” Furthermore, Van was voted as Winter Formal Princess along with Hamhari Brown as Winter Formal Prince. Seniors Shamarcus Doty and Joy Carino were crowned Winter Formal King and Queen. Following this, the Winter Formal Court led a slow dance. In regards to her dance with Brown, Van admitted, “I didn’t know how to slow dance… neither of us knew how to slow dance. But there was a train whistle while we were dancing, and Hamhari said, ‘There goes the train!’”

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