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Number Sense, Digging Deeper

The Mississippi School for Mathematics and Science offers a number of classes that are unique to the school. Among those, is Number Sense.

Taught by Mrs. Karin McWhorter, Number Sense takes concepts the students are learning or have learned in their other math classes and expands upon them.

This course will provide a study of number patterns, number relationships, and topics from number theory. Emphasis will be placed upon applications, problem solving, discussion, investigation, and competitive team practice.
— Number Sense described in the MSMS Course Catalogue

"This is an enrichment class," said McWhorter. "We take content they already know and dig deeper. We delve into things they may not have seen like binary and different bases. Then we do an entire section on probability."

During a recent meeting of the class, the class was split into two teams. The teams competed against one another in tournament style. The competition was identical to Potpourri competitions held at most high school mathematics tournaments.

To help the students think through their work, McWhorter played classical music.

"This one is easy!" said one student.

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