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Creating Math Superstars

Area elementary school students found out how to become mathematics superstars at the Mississippi School for Mathematics and Science.

Fifty-one area third, fourth, and fifth graders spent Thursday afternoon participating in MSMS’s first Math Superstars competition.

Area schools were invited to participate in the event. During the month of September, several area schools gave four weeks of contests, and the top students from each grade level were asked to go head-to-head in math. Students from Caledonia Elementary, Church Hill (West Point) Elementary, Franklin Academy, Fairview Elementary and homeschooled families brought students to the final competition at MSMS on Thursday.

“We have gone to several schools this year to do math centers,” said competition organizer and MSMS math instructor Lauren Zarandona. “ But this was our chance to offer gifted elementary students an opportunity to be challenged mathematically that did not create extra work for the teacher.”

The event was designed as part of an ongoing outreach program from the MSMS mathematics department. Winners received mathematical mystery books from Mrs. Zarandona herself.

“It was amazing to see so many students, parents, and teachers coming together to foster mathematical problem solving,” said Zarandona. “The contest participants reflected the diversity that MSMS prides itself on.”

The school plans to hold similar events in the future. MSMS would like to thank all teachers, students, parents, and staff members who made this event a success. For more information about the Mississippi School for Mathematics and Science, please visit

3rd Grade Winners

  • 1st Place: Jack Mullins, Caledonia
  • 2nd Place: Miller Usry, West Point
  • 3rd Place: Ella Grace Dahlem: Caledonia
  • 4th Place: Dedric Frierson: Franklin

4th Grade Winners

  • 1st Place: Anna McWhorter: Caledonia
  • 2nd Place: Nicholas Wade: Caledonia
  • 3rd Place: Parker Cohen: West Point
  • 4th Place: Brody Jordan: Caledonia

5th Grade Winners

  • 1st Place: TJ Johns: Caledonia
  • 2nd Place (tie): Charles Gilliam of Caledonia and Aziya Hill of Franklin
  • 3rd Place: Amelia Hurt: Caledonia



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