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Science Carnival 2015

On Tuesday, October 27, 2015 the Mississippi School for Mathematics and Science in Columbus, Mississippi hosted its 21st annual Science Carnival.

More than one thousand second and third graders from the surrounding area were delighted by demonstrations that displayed the fundamentals of chemistry, biology, and physics.

All the Carnival’s demonstrations were performed by current MSMS students, and it appeared the older students were learning just as much as the younger ones.

“It’s great for our students to get a chance to try to explain something to a younger audience,” said MSMS physics instructor Jed Leggett. “You really don’t know how well you understand something until you try to explain it to a third grader.”

This year’s Science Carnival was attended by Columbus schools: Franklin Elementary, Fairview Elementary, Sale Elementary, Columbus Christian School, Heritage Academy, Annunciation Catholic School, and Victory Christian Academy. It was also attended by West Clay Elementary, Church Hill Elementary, and Oak Hill Academy from Clay County and Central Academy in Noxubee County.

MSMS would like to thank all the students, teachers, staff members, and schools for making this year’s Science Carnival so engaging and entertaining.

MSMS is Mississippi’s only public, residential high school specifically designed to meet the needs of the state’s most academically gifted. For more information about MSMS, please visit,

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