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Mr. Carter Named MSMS Teacher of the Year

Long-time MSMS English instructor Jack Carter has been named MSMS Teacher of the Year.

MSMS selects Teacher of the Year by asking students and faculty to nominate faculty members.  A ballot is sent to each student and faculty member.  This year we had six teachers on the ballot.  After a runoff, Mr. Carter was awarded the honor.

"Mr. Carter is a teacher dedicated to the quest for excellence in his classroom,” said MSMS Director for Academic Affairs, Kelly Brown. “Is dedication to innovative teaching techniques and incorporation of technology in the classroom are truly remarkable.”

Mr. Carter teaches senior level University English II, World Literature, Creative Media, Debate, and Journalism.

“I voted for Mr. Carter,” said MSMS senior Agrippa Kellum. “I like the way he innovates and holds us to a higher standard.”

Mr. Carter has been teaching at MSMS since the school was founded in the late 80s. This year marks his 26th year at MSMS and his 49th year of professional teaching.

To learn more about Mr. Carter, visit his directory page here.

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