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MSMS Students Visit Joe Cook Elementary In Columbus

MSMS Senior Megan Levine talks with a third grader about her science project.

Tuesday morning  MSMS once again visited a local elementary school in order to judge the school's science fair. This time MSMS stopped by Joe Cook Elementary School in Columbus.

“We have over 100 projects in botany, biochemistry, engineering and computer science, chemistry, and physics,” stated Ms. Sherita O’Neal, Joe Cook Elementary Science Fair Sponsor. “We are always happy to have Dr. Odom and his students come and judge these projects, and we really enjoy the relationship we have with MSMS.”

Dr. Odom, a member of the MSMS Biology Faculty, said MSMS has been involved with the science fair at Cook Elementary for the last 18 years. This year 12 students from MSMS volunteered to judge the school's science fair projects. They were aided by several retired teachers and community members. 

 “I was a little scared since I’ve never judged at a science fair,” said MSMS senior Megan Levine. “But the kids are so excited to share their work with me and the other judges, it didn’t take long for me to just enjoy the morning and my time with these students.”

One of the projects Megan judged was how long certain batteries could power a CD player. The Joe Cook Elementary third grader who did the work tested three double-A batteries (Duracell, Energizer, and Panasonic). When asked about her favorite part of the project, the student said “being able to listen to my favorite music while doing science.” 

In the coming weeks MSMS students plan to judge several other science fairs in the Columbus area, The winners of these fairs will move on to the regional science fair to be held at Mississippi State University.

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