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The Traveling Science Carnival is Coming to Washington County!

Last year's Traveling Science Carnival was held in Morton, Mississippi.

Last year's Traveling Science Carnival was held in Morton, Mississippi.

Columbus, MISSISSIPPI -- The Mississippi School for Mathematics and Science is bringing its popular Science Carnival to Washington County.

On February 20, 2015 students and faculty from the nationally recognized high school will be at Riverside Elementary School to treat second and third grade students from the area to fun and engaging scientific demonstrations. More than 300 students from Riverside Elementary and O’Bannon Elementary are expected to attend the event.

“This event is designed to get students excited about science,” said MSMS Executive Director, Dr. Germain McConnell. “Part of this school’s mission is to enhance the future of Mississippi through outreach programs. The Traveling Science Carnival is a small part of making that happen.”

For nearly 20 years MSMS has hosted an annual Science Carnival on its Columbus campus, but last year was the first year the event was taken on the road.

“Last year we took the Carnival to Morton, Mississippi,” said MSMS Admissions Counselor Wade Leonard. “It went so well that we have decided to make the Traveling Science Carnival an annual event, and go different places in the state each year.”

Each year, MSMS students decide the locations for the Traveling Science Carnival. Students who wish the Carnival to be held in a certain location are asked to write essays explaining how the event will benefit the children who live there. After reading the essays, the student body votes as a whole. This year Riverside was chosen based upon the work of three MSMS students: Lauren Tice, Caleb Marshall, and Kenneth Mitchell. All three of these students attended Riverside before coming to MSMS.

“The children of Riverside Elementary School so much potential and are more than capable of going on to do and become great things; they need someone to encourage them and help them to believe that one can give life to his/her aspirations through diligence and education,” wrote Lauren Tice.

About sixty MSMS students, along with several faculty members, will conduct hands-on demonstrations of the fundamentals of physics, chemistry and biology with the Washington County students.

“The best part of our Science Carnivals is seeing our students get the elementary students truly excited about learning,” said Dr. McConnell.

MSMS is currently looking for help sponsoring the event. If you are interested in becoming a sponsor for the Traveling Science Carnival, please email Rick Smith at

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