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Dr. Claw

During his junior year, MSMS student Coby Anderson wowed classmates and faculty members alike with his engineering creations. In the past he built coin-pusher games, ferris wheels, and even a grandfather clock. This time, however, Coby has outdone himself. Using the K'Nex series of building blocks as a foundation (if you are unfamiliar with K'Nex, think Legos) Coby has built a fully functioning claw game. The game is like the version you might encounter in an arcade in nearly every single way. Players use a joystick to manipulate a robotic claw, and if the player is skillful enough he or she can win prizes with the claw. The machine even takes money, quarters specifically. Each quarter gives the player one-minute to grab all the loot he or she can. The music the machine plays while active even speeds up when the player has only a few seconds remaining. Despite being made with building blocks, this project did not come from a kit. Coby designed and built the machine nearly from scratch. And perhaps the most remarkable thing about Coby's creation is that he did not make it for a class or for extra credit. He just likes building things and sharing them with his friends. Not only is Coby a talented young engineer, but he's also a generous one. All proceeds generated by his claw machine will be donated to the school, and the MSMS senate will vote on how to use them.

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