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MSMS Students have a "Holi" day

Several MSMS students got a taste of Nepal last weekend when they participated in a recreation of the Holi festival hosted by several members of the MSMS residence life staff. One of the primary organizers, Suvechhya "Sue" Shrestha, described the event:

"I am an international student from Nepal and we celebrate a festival named "Holi" in our country during March to celebrate the end of winter and welcome of spring. It is an ancient Hindu religious festival celebrated in India and Nepal. We play with either dry powder or colored water-filled balloons. We have water fights and it doesn't matter who you put color on or throw water balloons at. It's not limited to be celebrated only with your family and friends; you can play with any random passersby for fun, too. After we are tired of playing for hours, we end it with some good traditional food and drinks.

Living in the US, we international students definitely miss our culture back home. It is easier for us to come up with an event to introduce our culture than to express it in words about what it's like. When I interacted with the MSMS students about my culture, it was difficult for me to express what type of festivals I celebrated and what value it had in my life. There are even some MSMS students whose families are originally from India. Some of them have experienced it here and some haven't. So, to refresh their memories and give a taste of Hindu culture to other MSMS students, I decided to involve all the MSMS students in this event. Actually, they dominated the entire event. And, I am glad most of them loved the international food. We had made "pakoras," deep-fried mashed potatoes and onions with slight spices. We all had so much fun at the event and on my side, it definitely made me closer to them than before."

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