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Happy Holidays from MSMS!

Happy holidays from all of us at the Mississippi School for Mathematics and Science! As a special treat to all our friends and family, check out the video above to see yet another one of MSMS senior Coby Anderson's amazing creations: the K'nexmas Tree. Coby spent two weeks designing and building the tree, which functions as something between a clock and a Rube Goldberg machine.

The tree carries plastic balls up an elevator from the base of the tree. The balls are dropped down a track where they are randomly sent down one of seven tracks. Four train cars that run under the train catch the balls and place them back into the the machine to restart the process. Every hour on the hour the balls are released down specific tracks that are connected to chiming bells and ring the hour.

While the device was built primarily using the K'nex building system, it did not come from a kit. Rather, it is the result of Anderson's mind and hard work. There are several parts of the tree that Anderson had to engineer out of paperclips and duct tape. The fact that this amazing young man found the time and energy to build his K'nexmas Tree as final exams were beginning exemplifies the talent and work ethic of the students who attend MSMS.

We hope you have a great holiday this year. For those of you working on your applications, make sure you use this time wisely! The deadline for application to the Class of 2017 is only just over two months away!

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