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Introducing Science to a New Generation

Students and faculty from MSMS took a trip to St. Paul's Episcopal Pre-School in Columbus, Miss. in order to get the next generation excited about science. The children, aged 3-4, were treated to three different demonstrations designed to acquaint them with some fundamental scientific concepts.

The visit was the brain child of St. Paul's volunteer and former MSMS technology coordinator Ann Caldwell. Ann retired from the school in 2010.

The young students got to use scientific equipment to mix different colors of water together, determine whether oil and water mix, and created cultures in petrie dishes.

One of the students who was on hand for the event was Breland Star who is not only a student at current at MSMS but is also a graduate of St. Paul's preschool program.

The students were supervised by faculty members Bill Odom and Kendra Carr.

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