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MSMS Emissary of the Week - Terrence Johnson

Terrence Johnson


Hometown: Shuqualak, Miss. 
Home School: Noxubee County High School
Career Goals: Business Administration and Public Relations
Top Colleges: Ole Miss and Rice University

MSMS is one of the best decisions I have made simply because it has enhanced me as an all-around person.

The level academic achievement I have been capable of here and my own personal advancement is superior to anything I have previously experienced. I have learned things I never thought I would and I have imagined more than many have dreamed. This school has empowered me beyond measure. I have become more of my own person. I see Terrence for Terrence now, in completeness. And I am not sure if that would have happened at my old school.  There is a feeling of freedom one feels by becoming a student here; freedom from academic yielding, freedom from social elites, freedom from self-insecurity.  Being at MSMS, I have learned how to do things my own way and find out what works best for me. The school has offered me so many opportunities to branch off into and to strive for greatness. When I think back, it is a humbling experience.

Coming from such humble beginnings, I was really unsure if I would be able to survive here. The energy that required for the school is indeed high, but the school utilizes that energy in such a way that one never knew how much power was tangible. Coming to MSMS, I never knew the possibilities, I was only hoping for the best. I wanted to be the best, achieve with the best, and help all become the BEST. I believe that MSMS does just that. It takes us all to places and destinations; all together, all as one. We are a family. When I first heard that I thought that it was the corniest thing on earth, but it is in fact true. I have shared bonds with students and teachers that could have never been imagined.

With the bonds, self-security, and academic opportunities here at MSMS, I know that there is no way for me to not be successful. It is ingrained in each student to be the best person they can possibly be. MSMS has opened a huge window in my life and the sun is shining through. I am thankful for this place. I am thankful for it helping me become the man I am today and the man I will be in the future. 

--Terrence Johnson 

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