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The Semicolon Project


Reminding people everywhere that things can always improve and that people should not give in to hopelessness is the purpose of the Semicolon Project.

Several MSMS students who compose the “Do Something Club” have spent the past several days honoring International Suicide Awareness Week. The week’s activities culminated with the Semicolon Project.

“The semicolon is a symbol often used in suicide awareness and prevention,” wrote a senior member of the club. “The analogy is that a semicolon represents the point where a sentence could have ended, but was continued instead.”

On Friday several MSMS students showed their support for the Project by drawing semicolons on their hands and wrists, to help remind everyone how precious and surprising life can be.

“The message is that when things get tough, don’t end the sentence, but keep going,” said one student. “Write a new sentence better than the first one.”


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