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MSMS Emissary of the Week: Mac Williamson

MSMS Senior Mac Williamson

MSMS Senior Mac Williamson

Home School: Desoto Central High School
Favorite Subject: Chemistry
Top College Choice: Vanderbilt
Career Goal: Pharmacy
MSMS Clubs and Organizations : MSMS Emissaries, Cross Country, Science Bowl, Quiz Bowl, Animanga Club, Science Olympiad, and Mu Alpha Theta

The MSMS Emissaries are a group of MSMS seniors who have volunteered to act as ambassadors for the school. These young men and women characterize what is best about the students who come to MSMS. Each week we will hear from one of these amazing individuals who hail from every corner of the Magnolia State. This week, we feature Mac Williamson from DeSoto County. 

"I originally had no intention of coming to MSMS, because I was very passionate about participating in the marching band at my home high school. However, I had a friend invite me to tour the campus with him in the fall of our sophomore year, and when I came to the campus, I instantly fell in love with the school. I was able to see the science classrooms, which contained equipment I had never seen before in my life; the people who were always friendly and ready to tell me all about the school; and the beautiful campus with many areas of greenery where activities and recreation were taking place. Immediately, I knew that I wanted to come to MSMS. I have not regretted that decision at all since coming here.

'MSMS has a much more rigorous academic program than my home high school, which is something that I really enjoy. I like having to use critical thinking to come up with answers to sometimes difficult problems. Also, the atmosphere of MSMS allows students to become integrated into the school very quickly and to make many close friends. Being able to live just a few doors down from many of my friends is very convenient in that I get to see them often, but it is also nice because they are going through the same experience I am. And they are able to relate to me and give me help when I most need it. Coming to MSMS has strengthened my ability to be interdependent within a diverse group of people. In addition, I feel like it has better prepared me for college, and it has also challenged my original beliefs about the four ideals of MSMS (creativity, community, scholarship, and service) and has helped me to better embody all of those ideals." - Mac Williamson MSMS Class of 2014


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