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Emissaries hard at work!!!

Emissaries hard at work!!!

On Saturday, Aug. 3 2013 nearly 120 students moved into their new homes at the Mississippi school for Mathematics and Science for the first time.

“It was a long day and we worked super hard,” said MSMS Admissions Counselor Mr. Wade. “But we had a really good time in the process.”

The MSMS Emissaries – a select group of seniors who help with school outreach -aided the new juniors in hauling their belongings into the residence halls.

With Mr. Wade barking orders at Goen – the girls’ residence hall – and Mr. Rick Smith handling things over at Frazer – the boys’ residence hall – the entire MSMS junior class was moved in in less than four hours.

“Move-In-Day is our chance to welcome the incoming juniors by giving them a hand unloading their stuff,” said Mr. Smith. “Our Emissaries have done an amazing job in helping these new students feel comfortable and welcome here at their home away from home.”


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