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MSMS Emissary of the Week - Abby Bruce

Abby Bruce


Hometown: Saltillo
Home School: Saltillo High School
Clubs Memberships: Emissaries, Asian Student Association, SEAL, NHS, Soccer, Cross Country, Young Independents (President), SGA Cabinet Member
Career Goals: Psychology and For. Language
Top College Choice: Hanover College in Indiana

The MSMS Emissaries are a group of MSMS seniors who have volunteered to act as ambassadors for the school. These young men and women characterize what is best about the students who come to MSMS. Each week we will hear from one of these amazing individuals who hail from every corner of the Magnolia State. This week, we feature Abby Bruce from Lee County.


I first became interested in MSMS when one of my sisters attended from 2003 to 2005. I remember watching as she grew a young adult and admiring how awesome she was (is).  From early on, I thought school was pretty boring.  I would often finish my work early, leaving me with a lot of free time during class that I didn’t know what to do with.  Naturally, the idea of being immersed in a more academically challenging environment with other students who also wanted to learn was appealing.

At MSMS, I find it hard to ever be bored.  There is always something to do, whether it’s homework, studying, athletics, club meetings, or hanging out with friends – which, can at times be stressful, but well worth it.  All the stimulation has made me far more productive than I ever would have dreamed a couple of years ago that I could be.  With coming to MSMS, I have been challenged to find what I am passionate about and I believe that will help me in college and in the future.

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