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Welcome to the Brainstorm Blog! The primary news source the Mississippi School for Mathematics and Science (MSMS), Mississippi's only public, residential high school dedicated to the development of the state's most academically gifted students.

MSMS Has a Podcast!

Either click the player above to listen from your computer, or click here to download the podcast for free. 


That's right, today we are dropping the very first episode of what we hope (what Mr. Wade hopes, anyway) will be a long running series of podcasts called "What I Learned Today." Each week, Mr. Wade will spend a few minutes speaking to one of the amazing students who attend MSMS and get a little insight into what these bright minds are fascinated by and how MSMS has opened intellectual doors wide. 

In this first episode, Mr. Wade and MSMS Senior and Emissary Annie Bell spend a few minutes talking about Annie's favorite subject: genetics. 

Eventually, you will be able to subscribe and download this podcast straight from iTunes or Google Play - Mr. Wade is working on that. Soon, the podcast itself will have an email address, but we haven't finished setting that up, yet. If you have comments or questions simply post them at the bottom of this blog or holler at us on Twitter. 

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