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Welcome to the Brainstorm Blog! The primary news source the Mississippi School for Mathematics and Science (MSMS), Mississippi's only public, residential high school dedicated to the development of the state's most academically gifted students.

Science Carnival 2013

COLUMBUS, Miss. -- Nearly 1,000 second and third grade students descended upon the Mississippi School for Mathematics and Science on Tuesday, Oct. 22 for the annual MSMS Science Carnival.

Students from more than a dozen public and private Golden Triangle area schools spent the day engaging with MSMS students in several different scientific demonstrations. The demonstrations introduced the elementary students to aspects of physics, chemistry and biology in fun and accessible ways.

“A big aspect of our mission is to enhance the future of the state of Mississippi,” said MSMS Executive Director Dr. Germain McConnell. “And what better way to do that than to get these young kids fired up about science?”

The carnival took place in Pohl Gymnasium on the campus of the Mississippi University for Women.

Located in Columbus, Miss. on the campus of the Mississippi University for Women, MSMS is the state’s only public, residential high school specifically designed to meet the needs of Mississippi’s most academically gifted students. Students who attend the school spend their junior and senior years living on the school’s campus and engaging in college level classes in mathematics, science, the humanities and the arts.

Recently, the publications Newsweek and The Daily Beast named MSMS as one of the best high schools in America. The recently graduated class of 2013 alone was offered more than $13.6 million in scholarship opportunities.

Students interested in applying to MSMS must be current Mississippi high school sophomores with a record of outstanding academic achievement, especially in the areas of math and science. Students must also have an ACT score (a score of 20 or higher is recommended) and undergo a rigorous application process. During the application process students will be required to submit a resume, two essays, an original project of their devising and secure four recommendations from their teachers and counselors. MSMS is currently accepting applications for the Class of 2016. For more information please visit or call Admissions Counselor Wade Leonard at 1-800-553-6459.

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