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MSMS Emissary of the Week - Michael McDonald


Michael McDonald

Hometown: George County

Homeschool: George County High School

Extracurricular: Future Physicians of America (president), Editor-in-Chief of The Vision, SEAL, Debate, and MMSC.

I came to MSMS not knowing what to expect when I got here. I walked, with a hesitant stride, to the door of Hogarth for registration on move-in day. After that day, I would meet some of the friendliest people, not to mention the brightest. MSMS has given me many opportunities in both education and extracurricular activities. The thing about this school that I love the most is the dedication of the teachers. They care so much about the students here, and go out of their way many times in order to help someone who is struggling.

MSMS is the reason that I continue to learn and excel in education. Yet, most of all, I feel that MSMS has played a huge role in my success as a leader. MSMS’ extensive variety of clubs allows me to pick and choose the clubs that are right for me. This year, I am in charge of three of them. Since I was young and taking care of my three younger brothers, I wanted to put my experience as a leader out there in school and show my peers and educators what I am capable of. Here at MSMS, that was easily made possible.

My favorite courses here at MSMS would have to be the humanities classes. The English and history departments at this school are just extraordinary as those in math and science. When I applied to MSMS, it took me more than a few hours to write the two essays, yet now I can write a 1,000-word essay in under an hour (with another twenty minutes of revisions, of course). I enjoy all of the courses at MSMS as well.

MSMS has overall made me a better person. I’ve met many wonderful friends here, not to mention teachers. My social skills as well as my leadership abilities have improved greatly, and I grow more confident daily. Attending MSMS is the best decision I’ve made so far, and I look forward to the rest of my senior year.


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