What's Coming Next?


What's Coming Next?

by Victoria maxwell, makayla hoover, mary hayden patterson, nichole mount, tierra sanders, oliver barber, julia whitwam, and caden austin.

For the past week, students from across the Magnolia State have lived in MSMS residence halls, eaten MSMS food, learned from MSMS teachers, and been counseled by MSMS students and alumni. In many ways, it seems, attending the MSMS Summer Enrichment Camp has been like test-driving MSMS.

 “You get to meet a lot of rising ninth and tenth graders who may have the opportunity at some point to apply to MSMS, and this is a great week for them to get an idea if this is something they want to do,” said MSMS Admissions Counselor Spike Harris. “Because [the campers are] getting to work with some of the same teachers who are teaching our eleventh and twelfth graders. [Campers] actually get to live in the dorms, eat in the cafeteria, meet other people with the same passion for learning.”

In the most recent rankings by the Daily Beast, MSMS was named the fifty-seventh best high school in the country and was listed among the top twenty-five high schools in America. The Class of 2015 alone was offered more than twenty-one million dollars in scholarships from colleges all over the country.

 “Getting into labs is really hard, especially when you go to a big school like Ole Miss, and especially when you go to a pharmacy school,” said MSMS alumna Savannah Fairley. “As a freshman getting into a lab is pretty hard, but if you say, ‘I went to MSMS, I’ve taken these labs, I’ve worked in these labs my senior year,’ they are like, ‘Oh! You have these things other students don’t have!’ So you have a better chance of getting into the labs. That’s a really big benefit for a science major like me.”

However, MSMS is a residential school, which means the students who go there must leave their home schools, their friends, and their families two years early.

“I still talk to my parents everyday, I’m still close with all my friends. It didn’t feel that different,” said current MSMS senior Raksha Chatakondi. “There’s a lot more diversity here. The teachers are amazing; they’ll help you anytime you need. The friends you make at this school are absolutely amazing.”

Students wishing to attend MSMS must apply during their sophomore year of high school, which means the next class to apply will be members of the class of 2018. Applying to MSMS is not easy, students must submit transcripts, act scores, a rigorous application, and undergo an interview process in order to compete for a spot at the school.

“I like the different opportunities it will give you academically,” said MSMS Camper Mariana Strawn. “There are lots of classes I wouldn’t get to take at my home high school.”

Only time will tell which of these MSMS summer campers will go after the thing MSMS promises: an opportunity for excellence.