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On Saturday, December 7th, students enjoyed an elegant evening under the stars. The theme of this year's Winter Formal was, "A Night Under The Stars." Thanks to the help of many parents from the MSMS PLUS foundation and students on the Winter Formal Committee, Hogarth Auditorium was exquisitely decorated and fully catered. However, the elegant evening didn’t just happen. According to the President of the Winter Formal Committee, Shayann Hastings, PLUS and the committee has plenty of work cut out for them. The only conflict during set-up was a malfunction with the speakers, yet thanks the Mrs. Tanya Walker and Mrs. Hastings; the problem was solved in no time. 

The students danced the night away to a wide variety of music.  At the end of the night the Winter Formal Royals were crowned! This year's prince and princess were Matthew Sarpong and Miya Snell. This year's king and queen were Brendon Ryan and Annie Otigbe.  Everyone had a fantastic time!Unfortunately, once the clock struck 12 the magic had to end and the Night Under the Stars was over.

Faculty Goes Above and Beyond to Help Student

MSMS takes pride in the fact that its faculty will do anything for their students, even traveling back to school on a Friday evening in order to allow one student to compete...

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In the words of George R.R. Martin, “Winter is coming!” Or I should say, “Winter has come!” When the temperature dropped under 20° on Monday 1-6—Wednesday 1-8, everyone felt the change. We may not be the sunshine state like Florida, but I prefer my air just slightly over frigid. As Dr. Easterling says, “It’s not natural to live north of I10.” As many students of MSMS noticed, the fountain in front of the Mary Wilson House was completely frozen over, just one sign of the freeze that overtook the campus. It all boils down to your preference to whether the freeze was a winter wonderland or a blistering, cold box.

Lady Waves Still Unbeaten

With the Mississippi High School Athletics Association soccer season in full swing, the Mississippi School for Mathematics and Science’s girls’ soccer team boasts a perfect season thus far.  MSMS Senior and girls’ team captain, Sabrina Moore, comments...

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