The Ideals of MSMS

The Ideals of MSMS

Scholarship, community, service, creativity

by gracie knight, simeon gates, wyatt shanahan, sarah pierce, aislinn boggan, raymond goodwin, tessa crosby, zoe groh, and kara messemore

 MSMS campers working on their robots rely on the ideals of Scholarship and Creativity.

MSMS campers working on their robots rely on the ideals of Scholarship and Creativity.

Scholarship, Community, Service, and Creativity. These are the ideals of MSMS, and it is from these ideals that great leaders are made. All week long MSMS middle school campers explored these four ideals, so that one day, they too may become great leaders.

The first ideal, Scholarship, is about loving learning, being dedicated to hard work, and being honest in all academic endeavors.

“I think scholarship means loving to learn. And sometimes you learn something and you’re forced to do something, and you may not like it, but you do it anyway because you know it will be good for you in the future,” said MSMS Camp Counselor Joy Carino. “You do it because you have a goal in mind. So you pursue what you pursue because you have a goal for what you want to do later.”

The second ideal is Community. Through this ideal, students learn about the value of teamwork, the importance of trust, and strength a community can bring.

 “You need a community in order to thrive anywhere,” said MSMS Camp Counselor Deandrea Hawkins. “You have to learn how to work with other people with different backgrounds, different sets of knowledge, and different talents in order to be successful anywhere.”

The next ideal, Service, teaches humility and the rewards that come from helping others.

“Well, at MSMS you’re training scholars. And as a scholar it’s important to recognize the people who help you get where you are,” said MSMS Camp Counselor Madison Wardlaw. “So by teaching service, you are teaching the need to acknowledge giving back. To always help those who helped you.”

The final ideal is Creatvity. This ideal shows that every problem can be solved and that no matter in what field a student shows interest, there are few things more beneficial than the capacity to think outside the box.

“I think honestly, creativity in my mind refers to an individual or an individual taking different paths to solve problems,” said MSMS Camp Counselor Michael McDonald.

Securely supported by these four pillars of leadership, the MSMS middle school summer campers will become the leaders they were born to be: leaders for their home towns, leaders for their state, and leaders for their country.