Residential Life Overview

MSMS students live in one of two residence halls: Goen Hall for our young ladies and Frazer Hall for our young men. Both residence halls are five-story buildings with rooms on each wing of each floor. The dorm rooms at MSMS are set up "suite-style" meaning that each room shares a bathroom with another room. The residence halls are pre-furnished with twin beds which may be bunked or left un-bunked, two dressers, closet space, desk space and desk chairs. Students may bring almost any other type of furnishing they wish (click on "Rules" for a list of prohibited items), and we are often astounded at the creativity our students show in decorating their dorm rooms.

Each dorm is fully staffed with a professional residence hall staff who are available to our students 24 hours a day, seven days a week. At MSMS, the one thing we take more seriously than giving you the absolute best and most education possible is making sure you are safe and secure. Your parents have given us a sacred trust in allowing us to care for you for your junior and senior years of high school, and this is a responsibility we respect and honor every day.

Not only is our residential life staff on campus and in the residence halls 24 hours a day, but MUW provides a full police force on our campus. These friendly and welcoming individuals are here to keep you safe, and our track record proves their effectiveness. 

As an MSMS student you will also have full access to the MUW Health Facility - free of charge - as well as access to a mental health professional and residential counseling should you - for whatever reason - require them. 

Coming to MSMS is an extraordinary privilege, and we expect our students to act in a manner that befits the designation as "Mississippi's best and brightest." The following is our Philosophy of Residential Life. If anything below sounds like something you can't live with, then MSMS might not be the place for you.

  1. Honor and Truth: Students will be honest with themselves, as well as faculty and staff.
  2. Responsibility and Accountability: Students will understand that privileges and responsibility accompany accountability for actions. 
  3. Motivation and Commitment: Students at MSMS have unique opportunities for academic, social and personal development. Self-discipline, self-motivation, and continuing personal commitment are cornerstones for continued success.
  4. The MSMS Opportunity: The MSMS Opportunity is a privilege extended by the citizens of Mississippi and should be taken seriously. Success in the Residence Life Program is essential. Students deemed unable, or unwilling, to accept the commitment necessary to be successful will be returned to their home schools. 
  5. Respect and Civility: Everyone at MSMS deserves to be treated with courtesy and respect. 
  6. Safety and Security: Students are expected to take responsibility in acting in a manner that promotes their own personal safety, the safety of others, and personal as well as school property. 
  7. Health and Hygiene: Students are expected to exhibit behaviors that promote personal and community cleanliness. 
  8. Community: Students are expected to exhibit behaviors that show concern for their community members and community environment.