The Brainstorm

Thank you for all your feedback regarding The Brainstorm, the official newsletter of the Mississippi School for Mathematics and Science. We are preparing to fundamentally redesign the way the newsletter works with the aim to provide you all with more consistent and timely information about everything that is happening at MSMS.

The .PDF "print" publication of The Brainstorm will now be released quarterly, but that doesn't mean we are shirking on any MSMS coverage. To the contrary, you can now expect to see the MSMS Brainstorm Blog updated several times a week and you will also receive an email newsletter each month. We are doing this in an effort to ensure that stories about MSMS are published in a much more timely and efficient way.

While we are ironing out the wrinkles, please feel free to check out some back issues of The Brainstorm and sign up for our mailing list if you have yet to do so.


Wade Leonard
Coordinator for Alumni and Public Relations
The Mississippi School for Mathematics and Science

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Issues of The Brainstorm:

november 2014: Vol 1. Issue 7

August 2014: Vol 1. Issue 7

Summer 2014: Vol 1. Issue 6

May 2014: Vol 1. Issue 5

April 2014: Vol 1. Issue 4

March 2014: Vol. 1, Issue 3

February 2014: Vol. 1, Issue 2

January 2014: Vol.1, Issue 1