Supply List

Supplies Needed By Department 2014-2015


  • Painting I - One T-shirt
  • Sculpture I:  One folder, lab fee $10
  • Sculpture II: Lab fee $15


  • Loose Leaf Notebook, notebook paper, typing paper, pencils, black or blue pens, composition-style notebook, lab coat (must have)
  • Scientific Calculator (TI-83 or better)                                       


  • Calculator (Same calculator as required for Mathematics bring link)
  • Notebook for taking notes
  • Lab coat (must have)
  • Composition style notebook


  • Ring binder notebook with dividers
  • Loose-leaf notebook paper (not college ruled)
  • Black or blue pens
  • White out or liquid paper
  •            The Little Seagull (Richard Bullock and Francine Weinbert:  Digital version  ISBN: 978-0-393-11938-1; Print version   ISBN: 978-0-393-93580-6
  • Hardbound collegiate dictionary (recommended, not required): The American Heritage College Dictionary, Fourth Edition, ISBN:  978-0-618-70172-8
  • Thesaurus (optional)
  • Flash Drive for Mr. Carter's class


  • Required pocket dictionary (or device that can access the internet in class – laptop or mobile)
  • (Spanish, French, Latin, and German)
  • Pencils
  • Loose-leaf paper
  • Notebook or folder to keep handouts and assignments
  • One pack of index cards
  • Three Ring Binder medium size with pockets and dividers (Spanish, Russian)


  • Spiral-Bound notebooks for class notes
  • 2" Ring-binder notebook with dividers
  • Black or blue pens
  • Loose-leaf Paper


  • Pencils
  • Graph paper
  • Loose-leaf Paper
  • Ring binder 
  • Ruler
  • TI-84 (The TI NSpire, which has a TI-84 template is acceptable, but you need to understand that the TI-84 is what will be used in math classes. Please do not purchase a higher numbered calculator. It is not appropriate for MSMS)


  • Guitar studies requires your own acoustic or classical guitar
  • Three ring folder/binder
  • Black pants for performing band/choir students 

Creative Music and Movement:  Students must have appropriate athletic shoes and attire.  Water bottle is highly recommended.

Instrumental Performance:  Sheet protectors, Students should have necessary supplies to include:  reeds, slide and valve oils, cork grease.  We do not have a music store in town with reasonable prices.  Purchase a supply at your hometown music store or order from the internet.

Guitar Studies & Performance:  Students need an extra set of strings and picks.  A tuner is highly recommended.  Can be downloaded free on smart phones.

Beginning Band: Students will need to provide their Flute, Bb Clarinet, Alto Saxophone, Trumpet, Trombone or Euphonium.  These are the only instruments permitted in the course.  Ms. Barham has negotiated very reasonable rental fees from a vendor.  Please contact Ms. Barham about rentals.