Rural Voices Radio


Rural Voices Radio

"Where Mississippi students and educators share their stories of home, special places, and watershed moments in their lives with you."

MSMS on Rural Voices Radio

In the spring semester of 2015 and again in the spring of 2017, Mississippi Public Broadcasting came to the MSMS campus to capture the poetry and stories of some of our remarkable students. In the fall of 2016 and through the fall of 2017, those stories began airing on Mississippi Public Broadcasting's "Rural Voices Radio." Below you will find the original pieces written by Mrs. Emma Richardson's Creative Writing class, recorded in the students' own voices, and aired on Mississippi Public Broadcasting. We have listed them in reverse chronological order. MSMS would like to thank MPB, the Mississippi Writing/Thinking Institute, John Gholston, and Dr. Sherry Swain for making this possible. 

Recorded in the Spring of 2017


Recorded in the Spring of 2015