Reunion Weekend

MSMS Alumni Weekend

Tickets to the upcoming Alumni Weekend will be available for purchase soon!

During the Alumni Weekends we focus on three things: reconnecting with your school, engaging with current MSMS students, and having a really good time. While each Reunion Weekend focuses on the 25th, 20th, 15th, and 10th year reunions of particular classes, we encourage anyone who wants to spend some time at MSMS to attend. It’s a chance for you not only to see the people you graduated with, but also your juniors, your seniors, and MSMS folk you never met before.

We only recently wrapped up the 2015 Weekend, but we have already tentatively scheduled the next for April of 2016, to coincide with “Tales From the Crypt.”

Here are just some of the events we are planning:

Alumni Seminars: We want our alumni to share the amazing things they are doing with our current students. Therefore, we will recruit alumni who plan to attend to conduct a series of seminars to educate and inform our current population about life outside MSMS.

Reunion Reception: A reception will be hosted the Friday afternoon of the Reunion Weekend. Think of the reception as your meeting hub, a place you can gather with your friends to get ready for the rest of the weekend.

Tales From The Crypt: Reunion attendees will be invited to attend the 26th Annual Tales From the Crypt performance at Friendship Cemetery.

Campus Tours: Campus tours hosted by current MSMS emissaries will be made available.

The Future of MSMS: Meet with the current MSMS Executive Director and President of the MSMS Foundation to discuss the needs and future of Mississippi’s best high school.

Alumni Trivia Face-Off: A big hit at the last Reunion Weekend, watch as a representative from each of the attending classes clash head to head to see who is the smartest cookie to come out of the school.

Reunion Weekend Party: The Reunion Weekend will culminate with a fantastic party featuring food, libation, and live music.


The Reunion Weekend is a work in progress. If you would like to be a part of planning the next event, contact MSMS Coordinator for Alumni and Public Relations, Wade Leonard at