Elective Courses

Elective Courses

General math elective courses are offered in the Spring (with the exception of Math Modeling) according to student demand. Want a particular class? Recruit your friends to sign up for it to increase the chances that it will be offered. Don't see an elective that interests you? Talk to a Mathematics faculty member about Independent Study. Below is an overview of past elective offerings. 

Discrete Mathematics: Investigate real-world applications of sequences, solve puzzles involving logic, create circuits using Boolean algebra, and more. The course focuses on the mathematics of sets instead of continuous functions.

History of Math: Research the events  that led to math as we know it today. Students pick topics that reflect their interests and abilities then share their findings with their classmates.

Logic and Game Theory: One part logical reasoning and problem-solving and one part game theory, this class considers the math that we encounter everyday.  


Special Electives

Number Sense (fall semester): (Seniors only unless teacher permission is granted.) This course is a study of both the questions and mathematical content common to math competitions. Students work individually and in pairs to refine problem-solving methods and address content weaknesses. 

Differential Equations (spring semester): (Must have completed AP® Calculus Parts 1 and 2.) Move beyond traditional high school calculus topics while learning to use technical computing software (Maple) to solve application problems.