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MSMS is well known for providing outstanding opportunity to Mississippi’s academically gifted and talented. However, the mission of MSMS goes beyond the students who call the school home. Through numerous and varied outreach programs, MSMS is able to impact students all over the state of Mississippi.

During the 2015-2016 school year, MSMS outreach programs impacted 3,900 students in the state.

A breakdown of all outreach activities can be found below. If your school or organization is interested in working with MSMS, please contact Amber Lynn Moore at

MSMS OUtreach activites for the 2015-2016 school year

MSMS students judge local science fairs (JUDGED ABOUT 747 STUDENT PROJECTS)

o   New Hope Elementary – about 300 student projects

o   Fairview Elementary – about 97 student projects

o   Joe Cook Elementary – about 100 student projects

·       Science Carnival hosted by MSMS (1,098 STUDENTS PARTICIPATED)

·       Regional Middle School Science Bowl hosted by MSMS (151 STUDENTS PARTICIPATED)

·       Mu Alpha Theta Math Tournament hosted at MSMS (465 STUDENTS PARTICIPATED)

·       Mu Alpha Theta State Convention sponsored by MSMS (500 STUDENTS PARTICIPATED)

o   MSMS was in charge of the state convention in Jackson

The 2015 MSMS Science Carnival affected nearly 1,000 students.

During the MSMS Traveling Science Carnivals, MSMS takes its popular Science Carnival to other Mississippi schools.

·       Adopt A School Project with Fairview Elementary (REACHED ABOUT 28 STUDENTS)

o   MSMS has continued its Adopt-a-School initiative for a second straight year with Fairview Elementary, a local elementary school.  MSMS students have assisted Fairview Elementary with their Science Fair.  MSMS students also hosted a student/parent night to discuss options for science projects.  This fall semester, MSMS students are serving as reading buddies, reading fair, and science fair project advisors.

o   Reading Buddies – about 15 students participate

o   Science Fair Project Advisors – 13 students participated

·       Boys & Girls Club (REACHED ABOUT 25 STUDENTS)

o   A total of 44 MSMS students provided one-on-one mentoring to students twice a week. 

·       Summer Enrichment Camps hosted by MSMS (REACHED ABOUT 150 STUDENTS)

MSMS hosts two annual summer enrichment camps. About 150 Mississippi students attended the 2015 camp.

MSMS faculty members, students, and staff regularly host activities for elementary aged students, like Dissection Day.

·       Biology and math centers (REACHED ABOUT 100 STUDENTS)

o   12 MSMS students took centers relating biology and math to about 100 Merit students in grades 2-4 at Central Elementary in West Point. MSMS students served as center leaders.

·       Math Superstars hosted by MSMS (REACHED ABOUT 51 STUDENTS)

o   We had students from Caledonia, Fairview, Franklin, Central (West Point), and home school compete in the MSMS Math Superstars contest. We had about 20 MSMS volunteers. Students took individual and group tests while parents and teachers learned ways to incorporate more problem-solving with their children and students.

·       Math Fair at Heritage Academy (REACHED ABOUT 200 STUDENTS)

o   10 MSMS students took three centers Heritage Academy and worked with 1st through 3rd graders & 4th through 6th graders.   The centers are problem-based, led by MSMS volunteers who work together to choose questions or develop lesson details.

·       Read Across America at Fairview Elementary (REACHED ABOUT 125 STUDENTS)

o   21 MSMS Creative Writing I and II students traveled to Fairview Elementary School in Columbus to participate in Fairview's annual event, "Read Across America," held in conjunction with Dr. Seuss's birthday celebration.  The students read aloud to Kindergarteners through fifth graders in the library.

·       Palmer Home Tutoring (ABOUT 8 STUDENTS REACHED)

o   One MSMS student tutors once weekly to high school students at the Columbus Palmer Home.


·       Women Influencing Lives Through Literature (W.I.L.L.) (18 STUDENTS REACHED)

o   Two MSMS students are continuing the W.I.L.L. program this year at the Columbus Middle School.  W.I.L.L. is a student-directed outreach and mentoring program that was begun by MSMS graduate Emma Thompson when she was a senior.  The program is now in its fourth year.  Each week, two MSMS students work with a group of 18 8th grade girls at our community’s high-poverty, under-performing school. The group reads contemporary literature and discusses issues raised in the works.  The MSMS seniors also provide mentoring role models and educational advice to the 8th grade girls. 

·       Ruleville Middle School Visit (25 STUDENTS REACHED)

o   A MSMS faculty member presented a Botany lesson focused on scientific inquiry and science practices to 25 students from Ruleville Middle School.

·       Animal Physiology Dissection Class (ABOUT 80 STUDENTS REACHED)

o   About 80 4th & 5th grade MERIT students from Caledonia came to MSMS to participate in the dissection of squids and sharks.  The MSMS Animal Physiology class instructed and helped the elementary students with the dissection.

·       Lauren Zarandona (ABOUT 150 STUDENTS REACHED)

o   Math classes took fraction centers to all seven 3rd grade classes at Caledonia Elementary.

8TH of May Emancipation Celebration Program (ABOUT 50 STUDENTS REACHED)