Crypto Craze

Crypto craze

By: Arin Kelly, jasmine stone, and Alicia Argrett

At the Mississippi School for Mathematics and Science Summer Enrichment Camp, students are learning how to crack codes! In the class, entitled Crypto Craze, Shae Koenigsberger, A.K.A “Crypto K” teaches her “Crypto Crazies” about mathematical cryptography.

“I love watching [students] have the little light bulb that goes off and they get so excited when they finally decrypt the code or whenever they figure out the message and it’s really cool to watch them realize that,” said Raksha Chatakondi, a camp counselor that assists with Crypto Craze.

Students are currently using ciphers and veneers to decode riddles and codes that are encrypted with numbers.

This class is offered to upcoming freshman and sophomores. For more information visit